Comparing The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber And Babylon Revisited

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One’s personal growth comes from one’s past experiences. These Experiences shape their person you are today. However, these changes come with a consequence. This can be seen in Ernest Hemingway’s “The short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited”. In both short story the main characters are face with adversity and are forced to overcome all obstacle, which will lead to a complete change in their life. Not everyone can be courageous, some was taught to be a coward since the first day of their lives. The main character of “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” Francis Macomber is considered a coward because the story started with him running away from the lion he was supposed to kill. Although, Francis is a coward…show more content…
The death of Charlie’s wife shocked him and put him in despair. However, the death of his wife had a huge impact on Charlie’s wife and was the only reason why he undergoes a series of changes in order to improve himself as a better person. Charlie had a destructive lifestyle according to Alix “You were going pretty strong a couple of years ago” (Fitzgerald, 1). Charlie started to stop his destructive lifestyle as he stated in the story “I’m going slow these day” (Fitzgerald, 1). He only drinks once a day as a reminder that he is the reason why his wife die during the snowstorm. Charlie’s daughter was what Charlie wanted in the whole story. Charlie tries to reach out to his daughter as a way of letting go his wife’s death. His experience with the loss of his wife had a huge impact in his life. Charlie has tried to turn his life around. He's left behind his fast-lane lifestyle of booze, parties, and extravagance, and is committed to being a good father to his daughter. Charlie stops his past lifestyle in order to become a better father for his daughter which was the cause for the death of Charlie’s

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