Hope In Danticat's Krik? Krak !

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Throughout all the short stories, the characters undergo many struggles in hopes of living a peaceful ‘normal’ life in Haiti. Haiti is a country of suffering and hardships. So the dilemmas that occur in the book, “Krik? Krak!” all have a bittersweet ending. In the book, Krik Krak,a series of short stories, the author Danticat utilizes juxtaposition to create struggling characters in return create the overall feeling of hope. The events that will happen in the story demonstrate a sacrifice, or struggle the main character is going through, but it will also reveal the happiness, or hope within each struggle. The specific examples that best display struggling characters creating an overall sense of hope are a mother, a depressed father, and a granddaughter.…show more content…
In the beginning of the story, it starts off with a very happy, and cheerful atmosphere. Guy, Lili and their son are chatting together and are enjoying each other’s company.The son mentions with pride, the play he is in, “Listen to what happened to me today!”(page.53) Guy is very proud of his son for taking on such a big part of the play,acting as a Boukman, a slave revolutionary. All is going good thus far until Guy’s internal struggles become verbal. “How do you think a man is judged after he is gone?”(page.74) Guy struggles with his desperation and commits suicide. This leaves the family shocked and saddened. When the son says his speech upon his father’s body, the hope that he is finally ‘free’ lie within their

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