Macbeth Tragedy Analysis

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When looking at Shakespeare’s work and put them in order of popularity; most being his tragedies. In that list being a tragedy is Macbeth. If one may not believe this even if relatively the rest of the world does, then this will present you with some facts that will without a doubt prove Macbeth is a tragedy. There are certain things that have to be done when writing in order to make a story a tragedy; including having your tragic hero, the fight between good and evil, the hamartia, a multitude of deaths, and etc. Macbeth unquestionable has all of these characteristics. First and foremost a tragedy needs its tragic hero and for Macbeth, it is none other than Macbeth himself. What makes a tragic hero one may ask; well it is a man born of noble birth who has a tragic flaw(hamartia) which leads him to his downfall. Sadly for Macbeth, his hamartia leads him to the ultimate death. A common question when reading a tragedy is what is the character’s hamartia, and this is a very good question when determining if the…show more content…
All throughout the story, you see both on an extreme level; being the bloody wars and the mental tug-a-war with one's thoughts. We are introduced to the play with the end of a gruesome war and Macbeth being a large part of the victory. But once told of a prophecy his mind starts to become very twisted, but some part of him is still desperately trying to hold onto his humanity. In conclusion, Macbeth has proven to be a tragedy by which the key characteristics of that category of plays are utilized. The characteristics being the tragic hero and their hamartia, the fight between good and evil, and lastly the sorrowful death. There are many other characteristics shown elsewhere in the play but are just not as important. Some might even point in the direction of a different category, but all in all the majority of the facts reassure the actuality of Macbeth being a

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