The Importance Of Conflict In 'Story Of An Hour'

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The conflict in “How I met my Husband” is happening throughout the story when Eddie falls for a man who can’t commit to marrying Eddie and keeps running. There is a lot of rising action throughout the short story from both Eddie and Chris. She keeps writing to him and waiting on his letters to come but they never do. In the end she ends up marrying her mailman. The conflict that I saw in the short story, “Story of an Hour” is the oppression that Mrs. Mallard had experienced throughout her marriage. She had not been as aware of it until she finally had the opportunity to sit back and look at what her life could be now that there is no husband to “bend her will”. She is able to look and see things in a new way, which is a freedom that she had not known before. Instead of continuing to grieve over her husband’s death she starts to day dream about what will happen in her future and the new decisions that will be hers to make. Of course she will miss her husband but she is looking forward to the freedom her future now holds.…show more content…
Both Edie and Chris are the characters at odds because she is waiting on letters from him, but he just keeps leading her on to thinking that he wants to be with her but he can’t commit of being with Edie. Also there is some girl drama as well because Edie wants Christ for herself but Alice who is engaged to Chris. In the end it leaves everyone at odds with each other because Edie marries her mailman and Chris has left Alice yet again and Chris is probably somewhere else making empty commitments to some other

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