The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social Media Twenty first century has been highly technological for humans. The advancement in technology has made the human life so easy and comfortable that they do not need to work as though as the older generations. It takes less time and efforts to complete a task today, than what it was used to take in the past. Conversely, electronics devices are a massive step toward progress in the advance technology. Luckily, it has connected different people from all around the world through the social media. Most of the effects are positively affecting the societies, but humans are becoming addictive to its usage. Although people believe social media is greatly beneficial for us, researches show that its usage has been harmful for the humans. The…show more content…
Nowadays, texting has made communication much easier, but incredibly confusing too with just words delivering the message, because no one can understand the reactions and emotions of each others about the conversations. Unfortunately, the reader usually understands the emotion accordingly himself, not in the way as the writer wants him to feel about it. Sadly, this issue causes tremendous misunderstanding between different group of people on the same topic. Especially, when people are absolutely free and do not have anything to do; they prefer spending time on the social media to connect with the world and stay tuned about all current matters which are going on. As a reader finds something interesting, they always try to share with other people by spreading it to the next person, and also adding some extra spices in it by making it a little better and changing the real meaning
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