The Color Purple Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel, in the Color Purple, Celie, was the main character and throughout the book she experiences some things that molded her into who she became at the very end. When she met shug, when she expressed her anger about Mr.___ hiding Nettie’s letters, and when Celie and Shug moved away to tennessee. These were all some main events and experiences that influenced who Celie was at the end of the novel. An experience that changed Celie was when she met Shug . Before she met shug, Celie was religious and showed no emotion because writing her letters to god was a way to make her peaceful and brought her hope because it felt like she was being heard by him because she couldn't talk to anyone else about her twisted life. When Celie was forced to leave Nettie to marry Mr.___ she looked up to Shug because she was…show more content…
“All day i act like Sofia. I started and i muttered to myself. And I stumbled ‘bout the house crazy for Mr.____’s blood. In my mind, he falling dead every which way.”(120) In the beginning she would go about of whatever he would say and would take any harm from anyone without defending herself but this change made her finally stand up and snap at Mr.___ to defend herself. For example, “You’re a lowdown dog is whats wrong, I say Its time to leave you and enter creation, end your dead body just the welcome mat I need. Say what? He ast. Shock. All round the table folkses mouths be dropping open. You took my sister Nettie away from me, I say. And she was the only person love me in the world.”(200) This made her really mad at Mr.____ to the point where she left him and made her more

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