Taco Boca And Lego Case Summary

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II. Sub Question 2: What are the reactions of toy manufacturers? A. Argument 1 for Sub-question 2: Toy manufacturers are trying to make a change to produce less gender-specific toys. 1. Source 2 (website): Grinberg uses the brand Taco Boca and LEGO as examples to show that toy manufacturers are making a change. According to Bjor Jeffery, the co-founder of Toca Boca, it uses gender neutral as it’s branding strategy by using a variety of colors and diverse characters that attracts girls and boys that grow up in the same play environment. Also, LEGO had developed LEGO Friends in 2012, a purple-packaged building sets with themes of community and friendship to attract girls. a. Analysis: Different toy manufacturers have different ways to make their toys look more gender neutral. Taco Boca chose to use diverse colors and characters to attract children of both sex while LEGO, which used to be a typical “boy toys” are adding different themes and color that interest girls. 2.…show more content…
Source 3 (newspaper): Jim Silver, chief executive and editor of TTPM (a website publishing reviews, videos and live price updates for toys), states that toy manufacturers have taken note about the trend of promoting gender neutral toys and started to make some changes. Toy manufacturers try to make a change by making gender-specific toys to be appealing to the opposite gender. For example, Easy-Bake Oven introduced black and silver version of oven to replace purple color oven, so that boys could play with it too. LEGO also introduced LEGO Friends line that incorporated girl’s interest to attract more

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