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Introduction “The Chariot of Aurora” is a painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. It was created in 1734 and is oil on canvas. Tiepolo was considered to be bizarre and unhealthy, but a change in his taste towards the end of the century, due to the influence of impressionism, changed that. Tiepolo is now considered to be one of the great artists of all times. It is believed that this painting was created as a proposal for a larger piece of work, such as a ceiling. Theme The theme in this artwork, to the best of my knowledge, would be historical story telling. Tiepolo is telling the story of the Goddess of the Dawn starting a new day. Aurora is the goddess of the dawn and she is believed to be forever young so that she may bring the light of day every day. Description and Identification Vital Stats: Title: “The Chariot of Aurora” Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Dimensions: 19 7/16 x 19 1/8 inches Medium: Oil on Canvas Date: 1734 Location: Clark Art Institute, Williamstown,…show more content…
Line: The artist uses many lines throughout this painting. There are lines used to create Aurora herself. Lines were used to create her wings, arms extending out, and her chariot. You can also see that the artist used lines to create the infants directly below Aurora. She is looking down at them as if she is calling them to her. There is also another set of babies upon a steed in the painting. Then another infant flying over the two on the horse. There is a 6th infant laying on a man in the painting. The artist used several lines to create the scene of the man lying on stone, and Aurora and the infants sitting atop a cloud. There are many actual lines used to create things such as the bodies, rocks, and the bat that is flying in the picture. He also used ragged lines to create the fluffiness of the clouds and to make the appearance that the entire scene is just floating in the air. There are actual lines found throughout the figures of the people, horse, and rocks throughout the

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