The Characteristics Of Effective Leadership

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Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Many people can accept an leadership position, but only a few can become effective leaders. Leadership is not just about telling a team or a person what to do. This role is about being able to guide, teach and motivate your team. In order for one to become an effective leader, one has to develop certain skills within themselves before they can successfully lead a team. There are many traits that a person has to develop to become an effective leader, the most important traits are confidence, consistency, availability, dedication and vision. A leader is only as good as the team that they are leading. A leader must have confidence in order to direct and lead their team…show more content…
These styles range from lack of leadership to effective leadership. The lack of leadership, the person really didn’t care about their team or their job they were just there for the paycheck. This person never communicated or directed the team everyone was on their own. The supervisor that I work under currently show excellent leadership skills and she does a great job directing our team. She has an open door policy were we can come and talk to her about any issues that we may have. If there is a personal crisis that someone is going through that they might have to leave work for or keep their phone handed she always try to work with them. She is an example of leadership that I would one day like to follow. Although U prosess many of the necessary traits I need to become an effective leader, I still have a lot to learn. When I become a leader, the first step I want to take is to develop a trusting relationship with my team. I want to create an open door policy where my team can come and talk to me about anything. With this policy, we can talk in confidence and they will know that if they are having issue with other teammates or they have notice someone doing something unethical, they will remain anonymous. I plan to have weekly meeting with my team so they can have a chance to express any concerns or suggestions on how we can work better as a team. It is my job as a leader to make my team feel comfortable to come and express their concerns to me but also I have to establish discipline for them to know that even though I am here for you I am still your leader and there is work that needs to be completed. The most important trait that I have to learn is how to be more patience. This is a very hard trait to learn and practice on a daily basis, especially in this busy world that we live in today. I have realize that something will not get done right away and that I cannot fix everything. I am

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