Bell Vs Lockheed Martin Essay

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Do men make better managers than women? Academic & Career Development Case Law? To show how Fortune 500 companies are discriminating against women — Bell vs Lockheed Martin (Bell v. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Dist. Court, D. New Jersey 2010) [Bell] is a current employee of Lockheed and has been employed by the company at various times from 1978 until the present, for a total of approximately twenty-one years. [She] alleges that Lockheed "discriminates against its salaried female employees by advancing male employees more quickly than equally or more qualified female employees through middle management and into upper management level positions, and discriminates in compensation to these female employees, including with respect to pay grade, annual and promotional increases, merit pay increases and bonuses.” Why should women be discriminated against? Why these stereotypes? Stereotypes If you ask women leaders in business what keeps them from the top jobs, the odds are high, according to Catalyst research, that they’ll cite gender…show more content…
(Bell v. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Dist. Court, D. New Jersey 2010; Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins, 490 US 228 - Supreme Court 1989) S.H. Applebaum, et al, 2003, discuss the concept of an ‘Old Boy’s network that is an active resistance caused by men against women, in corporations. They mention that ‘male managers, who often make decisions affecting the upward mobility of women, have been found to perceive the characteristics needed for managerial success as being associated with those generally attributed to men.’ Burke and Collins, 2001, note that this behaviour negatively impacts women’s careers and

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