Indra Nooyi Leadership Style

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Have you ever thought how dose the world will be without leaders? Leadership is the most important part in the organization. Leadership means enhancing your team members to a current goal. There is different qualities for each leader and different leading style such as autocratic, participative and delegate. According to morden (2007) leadership is getting things done through others. Indra nooyi the chairman and the executive chief of officer PepsiCo. Decision Firstly, it is really important to have a leader in any organization who have an ability to lead his members on a good way. Northous &Armstrong (1990-2001) defined leader is the person who can lead people to a goal and he get things ready by others. Leadership is needed to inspire people and teams to get the best results. The leader effect and get affected by the employs. Lester (1975 pp. 4 – 8) noticed “leadership is a person who can guide, direct, encourage or control the thought and feelings of other people”. There are other skills that apply on the leadership. Anon (2001, pp. 3 – 5) says the best characteristics for a great leader is vision, they belief on where the company is heading and achievement need to be done, simply they can see it in a bigger picture before anyone else, it is not only to discuss with it team…show more content…
She had become the CEO of PepsiCo on October 2006 and she got the position of chairman in May 2007.pepsiCo the most known company in soft drinks sales all throw the world. Gaining over $1 billion in each of her 22 brand. They earn over $14 billion only from beverages and $4 billion from snacks. PepsiCo products are known all over the world. They do serve drinks and snacks. Mrs Nooyi had grown up in Madras, India. She born on October 28th 1955. Nooyi had an uncommon life as an Indian lady and Nowadays she is ranked in the most 100 effective women in unaided statue of America and she do make over $12.6 million in a

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