Exercise 4-1: Leadership Assessment

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Complete Name: Complete 1 Student Name: Primm, Sharonda ********************************************************************************************************** 1. This course is designed to help you grow as a leader. The first step is to determine your effectiveness as a leader. Complete Exercise 4-1 “Leadership Assessment” and take note of the scoring and interpretation. Keep in mind that for this and all other units, I will consider your decision-making on what you include and how you communicate your response as part of your final grade. Also, be sure to cite any references that you use in your responses. ********************************************************************************************************** 2. How did you score on the assessment, and what was your initial reaction to your score and interpretation? Student Answer: I based this assessment on my supervisor's leadership skills. The overall score was a 32. The evaluation states that her leadership effectiveness is very good; and her effectiveness as a leader is high. My reaction to this score not surprising because I agree with the evaluation. She is a very good leader but I do think there are some things she can work on. My interpretation is that this assessment shows that a person can be an effective leader but helps them evaluate and give insight on what kind of leader they are and what areas they can improve on. Correct Answer: n/a ********************************************************************************************************** 3. Remember that even…show more content…
Think of someone you consider to be an excellent leader. What characteristics does this person possess that cause you to perceive him or her as an excellent leader? Does your definition of what makes this person a good leader coincide with the characteristics presented to you in Unit

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