Climate Change Natural Phenomenon

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Climate change- Natural phenomenon or Human induced? Introduction Climate change- often referred to, as global warming- is indeed a real and present danger to the environmental future of our planet. It refers to the increase/rise in the earth’s temperature. Although knowledge of this happening is wide spread, some countries are not as concerned as maybe they should be. Climates around the world differ from country to country, with a rise in temperature globally, different countries suffer different effects. For example, recent climate change has caused heat waves in certain countries and an abundance of rain in others. MORE INTRO Key questions How do we know climate change is happening? Earth’s climate has been evolving and changing…show more content…
The main gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect include: Carbon dioxide, Water Vapour, Methane and Nitrous Oxide. Although these gases are naturally abundant in the earths atmosphere large manufacturing companies are also spewing out these gases in profusion into the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases then trap heat from the sun, which is supposed to be radiated back into space, which leads to the Earth’s surface heating up. However, natural disasters such as volcanoes also release huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other green house gases (ghc) into the earth’s atmosphere. Volcanoes are consistently erupting releasing high amounts of C02 into the atmosphere, most of these eruptions are happening in the worlds oceans. Cutting down of trees is another main factor in global warming as trees naturally absorb C02 via photosynthesis releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, however, with fewer trees this leads to more CO2 being abundant in the atmosphere. The rate of deforestation has increased exponentially with our growing population as the demands of the people require us to further deplete mother natures natural coping mechanisms. Transportation is also a main contributor to the release of greenhouse gases. An estimated 28% of all greenhouse gases in 2012 came from some type of transportation.…show more content…
Eliminating the use of these will decrease our carbon footprint as a planet and in turn slow down global warming. Looking for newer, cleaner and more efficient ways of energy such as solar energy could be the answer to the problem. Managing foresting and agriculture too could decrease the amount of carbon emissions we release. Nuclear fusion (harnessing power by fusing atoms) is an idea still under development, however, if proven to work, could be a long lasting solution to global warming. Better insulation in colder countries would also act as a solution as it would reduce the amount of coal and wood needed to be burnt for warmth. Moving closer to your workplace may not seem very beneficial, however if everyone travelled less, the CO2 released by cars would decrease substantially, and in turn, reducing our carbon

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