The Importance Of Science In Students

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Whenever I meet my parents’ friends, the first thing they would ask me is what am I studying right now. I would explain all about life science, what I am studying, and the impact I could make. They would just stare in awe, praising me for studying such a “difficult” subject, and move on to another topic. But whenever I meet my old friends and they asked me the same thing, with the same answers, they will look at me like I am mad and questioning my life decision. “Why would you do that?” they would ask, “It is such a hard and boring thing, do you want to stuck in the lab for the rest of your life?” or something along that line. Two different reactions, yet all of them acknowledge that science is a challenging and boring subject, and show how small the interest for science in Indonesian people. These perceptions have been deep-rooted in our mind since we were young, and it could be blamed on the way science is taught at school. By changing the teaching and learning methods to show the interesting sides of science, we could help promote science to Indonesia’s youths. Science is boring for many students (Ebenezer and Zoller, 1993), difficult,…show more content…
Biology and science in general are not considered attractive careers (Prokop et al., 2007). Some of them who do study science subjects will choose practical subject like engineering and medical school. The interest for research-based science subject is really low and it’s dangerous. For developing country to grow into developed country, it needs science and scientist to solve the problems inside the country. One example is to help technology adapt to local circumstances by choosing the right technology that suits the country’s need (Goldemberg, 1998). Indonesia has a lot of potentials to be explored, and by using science, we could use our resources to develop our

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