The Cambodian Genocide

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The Khmer Rouge political party carried out the Cambodian Genocide between 1975 and 1979. The goal of the regime was to convert Cambodian existing government into a communist agrarian utopia. The aim of the regime was to establish a classless communist stated based on rural economy, rejection of free market and capitalism. Unfortunately, the extreme measures carried out by Khmer Rouge resulted in the emptied of cities, evacuation of people to labor camps, starvation and torture. The Cambodian genocide was later recognized by the state by servicing justices against crime against humanity. To effusively understand the genocide, one must understand the occurrences before, during and aftermath. Cambodia’s communist crusade emerged from the…show more content…
The Communist Party of Kampuchea, also known as the Khmer Rouge, was originated against the French colonization and influence from China and Vietnamese. The Indochina War drove the movement during the 1950s, which evolved into a political party that grew over the leading years. During the Vietnam War, Prince Sihanouk attempted to remain Cambodia neutral to their neighboring country, Vietnam and the United States. However, Cambodia provided against to both opponents by allowing the United States to use their land as regrouping zones for U.S troops. The United States bombed parts of Cambodia to destroy the suspected Viet Cong targets, which began the substance for animosity towards the Western world. The rise of power of the Khmer Rouge increased during the late 1960s when the political party launched a national insurgency across Cambodia. Marshal Lon Nol, performed a successful coup against the monarchy government. The political appeals arise due to the massive amount of bombings in Cambodia by the United States. However, the Khmer Rouge arose battles against Lon Nol’s forces. The success of the Khmer Rouge was due to the assistance of the United States dropping “half million tons of bombs,” on the country, killing more than 300,000 people from January to August of…show more content…
Many neighboring countries had a role in the occurrence and could have prevented the continuous of the genocide. The country continues as previously mention to suffer from the trauma in which occurred over thirty years ago. It is the responsibility now of the state to recover the damage that has been done. Regrettably, it has taken Cambodia massive amount of resources and time to improve. In order to avoid or prevent events in the future from occurring, the events in history must be highlighted and identify by most importantly the state, but also the

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