Susan B Anthony Leadership Qualities

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Out of the countless leaders who have come and gone throughout history, society has had their fair share of virtuous as well as not-so-virtuous commanders; from iconic talk show host Oprah Winfrey to Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden, all successful, prominent figures share an abundance of similar characteristics, despite if they were considered benevolent or malevolent. Passion, focus, and charisma are three of the hundreds of absolutely significant leadership qualities that contribute deeply to whether or not certain leaders succeed or fail in accomplishing their goals. Many people have the opinion that morally righteous leaders acquire superb qualities and wicked, villainous leaders acquire unpleasant qualities. Despite their assumptions,…show more content…
Focusing solely on results or solely on people isn’t where a leader should direct their attention. According to studies, being able to focus on results at the same time as being able to focus on people is where leaders find success (Bradberry). Exhibiting outstanding attentive qualities, Susan B. Anthony used her ability to focus in order to achieve her goals throughout her memorable life. By growing up in a Quaker home and involving herself in abolitionism and eventually women’s suffrage, Anthony had many chances to develop several praiseworthy leadership characteristics. Her strong beliefs and well-focused mind lead her to become one of the primary women’s activist figures of her time. Along with her close partner Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony helped found the American Equal Rights Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association, organizations that vigorously challenged women’s rights, even beyond suffrage (Lewis). Focus was key in her life as she turned her attention solely towards her goals and how to accomplish them. Unfortunately, Susan B. Anthony passed away in 1906, only 14 years prior to the passing of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote (“Susan Brownell

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