The Cambodian Genocide: The Khmer Rouge

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The Cambodian Genocide Ideals of an equal and communist nation where what put the Khmer Rouge into power. It is through the high reign power that twenty-five percent of the Cambodian population as annihilated. Their plan for an agricultural way of life where everyone is equals except for those of the Khmer Rouge who had all the power. Through the years of 1975 to 1979 the population of Cambodia came to live unsurvivable conditions, brutal scrutiny and back weaker than ever. During the Vietnam war Cambodia tried to steer clear but, it could not do so with the constant bombings from the United States in the hoping to save the vietnamese. The Khmer rouge came into power when the government crumbles as the nation looked for a new solution for their downfall economy and military. The new agricultural peasant society expeditiously forming, with people being taken out of their homes and put into labour camps almost…show more content…
In truth, it had been to name them for execution or to bring them into the labour camps where their nightmare would only begin. Children were encouraged to spy on their parents and find flaws that could be reported. Family structure and warmth was highly frowned upon and discouraged, no one was allowed to have emotions. Women were killed for saying they were tired. “to keep you is no benefit to destroy you is no loss”. Women were also forced into marriages with Khmer Rouge but, were eventually killed. Khmer Rouge attempted re-educated men with their ideals when they could not corrupt the educated they would be executed. After they killed the men they would also murder their families so that there would be no uprising for revenge. People would rather have died than live through this hell. They would not commit suicide because you would be shunned even after your death and they wanted to keep a clean

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