Importance Of Mathematics In Cambodia

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I. Introduction 1. Background After the genocide ended in 1979, most of Cambodian scholars including teachers, professors, and researchers were all killed. Likewise, schools, pagodas and documents were almost destroyed all at the same time which leftover only orphans, widows and elderly people. The eradication of education has become a huge issue to obstruct the development progress of Cambodia even a long civil war have ended. Cambodia began to rally up the left-over educated people to do the job of teaching the children, actually educated people were not enough for teaching demand in the whole country, but our policy was “Those who know more teach those who know little, and those who know little teach those who know nothing.” However, over…show more content…
Most importantly, mathematics plays a crucial role in modern technologies while Cambodian technologies still lag comparing to other neighboring countries like Thailand or Vietnam. To see the large extend of mathematics, some students decide to study extra classes as a non-formal education to improve their mathematics, but this only happen to the students who come from the a better income or rich families and not always for the poor. However, improving mathematical education is a must that the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) as well as MoEYS should pay strongly attention to enhance both quality and quantity of education to build human resources as a pillar of the country. Consequently, the MoEYS had approved curriculum development policy for 2005-2009 which also aimed to attain the foundation knowledge of mathematics, MoEYS, 2004. Nonetheless, the national curriculum that was prepared by MoEYS was taken in a very short period with less quality of standard and inadequate materials while the writers only used their weekend or free time to prepare because of low benefit, (RTI International, 2007). Thus the implementation of this national curriculum yielded to poor quality of education as well. As I am a teacher, I also heard some complaints from co-workers about this curriculum with lessons combination and some technical errors that need to be improved and updated as the modern standard curriculum. According to Ambrosio, Johnson and Hobbs, (year), the effective learning of students in mathematics mainly fall into three broad categories dealing with students’ learning, content application and integration, and instructional approaches where the most effective strategies to achieve the students’ learning process deal with

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