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When tennis champion, Pete Pagassi, falls from grace due to his energy drink addiction he vows revenge against the manufacturers of Explodz. Armed with his trusty tennis racket and tennis balls, Pete goes on a rampage, but standing between him and his personal vendetta are hordes of Explodz-addicted enemies. It is up to players to help Pete knock down these foes as he takes care of the Explodz menace one tennis ball at a time. Speaking from experience, getting hit in the face with a tennis ball is not exactly a pleasant experience. In fact, getting hit with a tennis ball anywhere on the body is not recommended. Thankfully, hitting enemies with tennis balls and watching them absorb the impact with a nice rag doll effect is much more entertaining. It might be called “Tennis In The Face”, but your opponents in the game will go down no matter where you nail them with a fast served tennis ball. Headshots score you the most points, but causing chain reactions and using the least amount of balls possible to take down everyone will also help you score big. Tennis In The Face features eight different zones, each populated with its own type of opponent. You start off by taking down some creepy looking clowns, but eventually police in riot gear,…show more content…
The backgrounds are very basic, but characters are detailed enough and effects like police going down in a shower of donuts or hipsters dropping their phones as well as lattes when hit are neat touches. The game was obviously designed with touch screen devices in mind, but the interface works well enough on PC and even the controls are a breeze using a mouse. Simply click and drag the mouse to aim and release to lob your tennis balls or occasional cans of Explodz at enemies. The music isn’t too bad, although the tunes can become repetitive after a while. The sound effects on the other hand are all quite

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