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When a consumer complaint about a particular situation, it is important to see the matter seriously. The earliest starting point of the grievance process depends upon the nature of the grievance. It depends whether the consumer has the grievance with the whole company or just with a particular person, so it is worked accordingly. It is important for the company to listen to the customer and get to know the both sides stories to know what is right and what is wrong and can clarify the issue and the exact nature of the grievance. Consumer grievance behavior is defined as a process that emerges when a service experience lies outside a customer’s zone during the service interactions. Sometimes when the experience becomes unfavorable and the grievance is made; it is expressed in the verbal or written form. According to some transportation companies it is important to receive complaints from the customers so that they can prevent their company from getting a negative feedback and negative word-of-mouth. It also helps them to understand where they need to improvise and what all they can do for providing the better service. It is important for the company to attend all the consumer grievances as soon as possible. The main reason to attend all the consumer issues is to prevent a negative impact on the…show more content…
It helps a company, person or brand in creating a good image infront of the public. Public Relations in service sectors help the service providers in creating and establishing a positive image and reputation in the market among the people. With the help of the tools and promotions on different levels, it helps the company get noticed in public. A public relation professional knows what and how to work for the betterment of the company and manages in spreading a positive image of the company in various ways. S/He also knows how to handle situations during crisis, and bring the company back in the

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