Cambodian Genocide Cause

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21% of a population killed in four years. Try to imagine what it would be like if twenty-one percent of your town were killed for my supporting some mad dictator’s order. What would do when forced to live for two days on a 100g can of rice each and every day. How would you survive. These are some questions that people have wondered when the look at some of the horrors that the people of Cambodia suffered under the Regime of Pol Pot. Even though Cambodia was a relatively new country they saw a lot of warfare in their short lives. The Cambodian Genocide also came directly after the Cambodian Civil War, which was a fight between Prince Sihanouk and the Khmer Rouge versus Lon Nol and the Cambodian army which lasted from 1970 to 1975 until Pol Pot…show more content…
Unfortunately the prince Norodom was ousted in a military coup that was lead by his own general Non lon, and the right wing military force. . This is one of the major causes of the Cambodian genocide and the Cambodian civil war. Because of this military coup this created a divide in most people in Cambodia. The old prince Norodom Sihanouk was angry about this and decided to join up with the Group Khmer Rouge which was a communist group led by Pol Pot that made a false promise to the overthrown prince that they would get his position back. This promised cause a war between the supporters of Norodom Sihanouk and the Khmer rouge and the supporters of Non lon. It was this war that weakened the Cambodians enough so the Khmer rouge could take over Cambodia easily and make Prince Norodom Sihanouk all but vanish from the people's minds and…show more content…
“The Cambodian communist movement emerged from the country’s struggle against French colonization 1940s, and was influenced by the Vietnamese”(Khmer Rouge History). There are many different outside influences in the troublesome times of Cambodia’s freedom from France to the Genocide, to the Vietnam War. Khmer Rouge has a history of being influenced by the Chinese and how communism works for them and modeled their type of government after that. Their ideas that Cambodia should be an aryan utopia was what fueled the massacre of millions of Cambodians in an effort to make this change a reality. Their role in the civil war was that they were allied with the deposed Prince Sihanouk and gains support for their movement and began attacking the Non lon by using guerilla tactics. The Khmer Rouge was head of the Genocide they were the group that caused the start of the Genocide and they didn’t care about the people of Cambodia and they were known to torture people who didn’t follow their directions and actions there are many different ways that they did it. They did all of these horrendous actions under the command of Pol

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