The Benefits Of Space Tourism

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Over the years, space exploration has evolved over time, both in regard to technological advances and commercial interests, positively impacting people’s perceptions on space tourism. The federal government has played an active role in urging private companies to continue to strive toward achieving their future aspirations regarding space exploration. Space exploration has not only been limited to commercial interests for the consumer market, but it has also expanded technologically as an effort to improve the quality of life on Earth. Due to the ongoing developments in technology, it has sparked interests in consumers and scientists alike, allowing them to understand the wide variety of benefits that the space industry has in store…show more content…
The President of Virgin Galactic contradicts this viewpoint by stating, “Out-of-this-world trips are no longer just for astronauts. For a hefty fee, several companies will take adventurers on the ultimate vacation: a short trip into space. "You get about 15 to 20 minutes in space, and you'll be weightless for a few minutes of that," says Will Whitehorn.” As space tourism has become an increased field of interest, companies like Virgin Galactic strive to provide a deeper understanding in the global opportunities that space can offer in store for the public. As private companies are striving towards making commercial flight into a possible reality for many, many corporations do not target space tourism solely for financial purposes. As some might argue private companies only seize the opportunity for solid profit, the stances of the private companies differ, as they are for the societal benefit of the public, becoming customer focused but not financially focused. According to the New York Times, “SpaceX did something on Thursday that really hadn’t been done before: launch a cheaper, partially-used rocket into orbit.” Another point many people could argue is that the development of SpaceX's reusable rocket has lead to higher costs for commercial satellites, ultimately all for their own financial gain. However, because satellites are vital for communication between space and Earth, they are needed to help with the successful launching of a spacecraft and put it into orbit. Space satellites have not been taken advantage of by private companies, but it has also helped with the developments of space exploration even

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