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The City’s Current and Potential Planning Issues As was noted above, the socio-economic restructuring of the city and the rise of the service sector, especially tourism sector is a reason of some planning, especially transportation issues. So, here the municipality is face to face with an interesting contradiction. At the one side, it benefits largely form its beach location and being an attractive touristic center. Namely, proper location for tourism makes this place attractive, thus bringing with it a flow of tourists. But at the same time, due to rapid development of tourism here, a congestion has become a serious issue. And there are complaints that these days an access to beach became very tiresome experience. Congestion generally occurs at some key intersections points and some arterial roadways during peak hours, especially on the weekends, and during the tourist season. As a result of congestions traffic in the city has become worse, namely sometimes waiting at traffic lights takes up to 4 minutes, it became very difficult for a young adult, young parents to…show more content…
One very important issue is pedestrian and bicycle routes and that of public transportation. There is a need to increase local transit options. So, for example, there is a bus problem in this town, since this means of transportation is not considered or perceived as an attractive mode of transportation. And if we look at the transportation statistics of this town, nearly 87% of journey to work traffic is accomplished by private cars, and only 1% by public transit means. The existing local bus service of the city is characterized as limited and slow. There is a negative perception of the system among residents. So, developing a local transit system is a major problem for municipality. There is a need for additional bus routes and a local loop shuttle system, especially for a city with a touristic destination

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