Singers Influence On Huck's Sociality

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Singer’s Influence on Mick’s Sociality Although Mick violates law in several ways such as smoking underage, shoplifting and trespassing, drawing on the wall can be called a way of her self-expression. Mick feels isolated in her family and in society, but she does not express it and tries to solve it herself. On the other hand, owing to Singer, Mick learns to adapt her circumstance gradually. Singer has a significant influence on Mick’s way to becoming a social adult before and after his suicide. Mick has as many as six siblings, and she is used to being alone more than Jake. The reason why her loneliness is strong in the chapter three is that she is a teenager and is mentally unstable. In general, teenagers want and hate attention from their guardians at the same time,…show more content…
First, in the movie, Mick’s mother tells her that a woman should marry a man and have children if she can. This shows how low women’s positions were in the workforce in the beginning of 20th century. Considering that Mick’s final academic background is a Vocational dropout and she has no licenses or skills but a middle school degree, she is unlikely to get a higher-salaried job than a shop clerk. Second, although Mick recovers from the shop enough to sleep, Singer’s suicide overwhelms Mick (352). Since she felt attachment to him and she can openly express her feelings only to him, she must have felt a great grief. Third, because her job occupies her time and energy, she cannot work on her music. This means that she cannot look inwardly and see one of her main her happiness. Although she is still hopeful of acquiring a music career (354), it is doubtful whether she can keep hoping. In conclusion, although Singer and her community tacitly and successfully pressed her to be an adult woman from a rebellious teenager, she still has problems to

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