Valkenburg Tourism Case Study

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AN INVESTIGATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALLITY OF TOURISM IN VALKENBBURG RESEARCH QUESTION To what extend the the environmental quality in Valkenburg tourism impact? Name: Leticia Augusta Dos Santos Ferreira School : UWC Maastricht Year : 2013-2015 Chapter 1: Introduction Valkenburg is a small municipality city located in south-eastern of Dutch province of Limburg, the Netherlands. Its population is about 17,778 people with 36, 91 km2 of area. It is also known as municipality with the river Geul in the city centre, and loads of attraction. Family Park Valkenier; underground caverns and museum; the highest castle remains in the Netherlands; cycling tours; restaurants; nightlife; wellness and SPA facilities; casino and…show more content…
It shows the coloration of negative and positive, the balance of keeping the environment in the same manner. Nevertheless some number of neutral would release, somehow it wouldn’t affect the number of tourist to visit, as it will remain stable stage of environmental quality. Nonetheless, the area is surrounded by the high positive quality, less probability to change the number of tourism. Figure 11 Respectively 1. Street in front of de valkenier 2. The side view de Valkenier 3 A fountain west side in Valkenier 4. Parking places Both de Valkenier and Theme Park are associated in a way that attract tourist. Many benches are provided as we walk in sideways, lots of parking places which surrounded by green spaces and pleasant smell… (table7) necessitate Valkenier and Theme park as one of the catchment area. Under some circumstances the environmental impact is positively high; as it located in Valkenier the highest positively number of environmental quality as residential area. Known as ageing populated country, the environment livelihood the old tourist people like to spend time in that kind of atmosphere; walking, cycling, sitting

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