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The landscape of cultural tourism is becoming more competitive as the world is globalizing and numerous new technology start-ups have been popping out to compete with traditional cultural travel agencies. In addition to that, there is a rapid rise in the number of people traveling leading to the growth of the cultural tourism sector (Katsoni, 2014). There is also an inundating number of companies that offer the same cultural travel experience, hence potential customers have becoming more spoilt for choice.Understanding the trends in the cultural industry and consumer behavior is more vital than ever for travel agencies to stay competitive. This report has identified specific trends that WTS travel can capitalize on to stay ahead of the competition. Firstly, WTS travel could exploit the growing importance of social media usage. Secondly, the booming use of Airbnb in cultural tourism. In our current hyper-connected world, the increase in interactivity in the digital space has led to the rise of technology like social media. Social media is widely used by travelers for cultural tourism and travel products (Buhalis and Law 2008; Hennig-Thurau et al. , 2010 as cited in Öz, 2015) Social media networking allows tourists to acquire travel information faster and more effortlessly (Katsoni, 2014). Öz (2015) found…show more content…
As a marketing tool, social media is rapidly viewed as an evaluation medium for travelers’ experiences (Morosan et al, 2014 as cited in Öz, 2015) Social media can be used in a long-term cultural tourism marketing strategy for WTS travels to rebrand themselves as a reliable and effective cultural travel agency, and create a demand for WTS travel services. The presence of WTS travel on social media platforms can also attract potential travelers to using us as a choice for cultural

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