Johnny Griffin Short Story

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Johnny Griffin was just your average middle-aged father in the suburbs. Had a wife a son and a daughter. A job from 9 to 5, made a decent wage and got through life just like everyone else. Nobody really hated Johnny his life wasn’t miserable in the slightest. His life was completely normal, nothing out of the ordinary. But a rather conical event has changed his life as well as his family’s’ forever. It was a typical summer evening in wherever he lives, which we can safely say is around 90-degrees.Everybody was coming home from work and so Johnny. On his way out he met his best-friend Carl next to the exit and he almost immediately said to me, “Let’s go get some boneless chicken”. Johnny thought about for a second because he didn’t…show more content…
They got so tired of seeing him they locked him in a closet for a period of time. Eventually, Johnny had enough, he knew neither his family nor him deserved any of this. It was depressing to see Johnny to see his family in this state Johnny walked into his bathroom, looked in the mirror and thought for a bit. “I might have screwed up my life but there’s no reason for me to keep screwing up theirs. My stupidity shouldn’t affect my loved ones. He said while rolling into the toilet. “I need to get away” he said, and took a deep breath just to be certain if this is what he wanted and flushed himself down. He was carried through the pipes for hours thinking there wouldn’t be an…show more content…
“Where am I, what is this!” he exclaimed. One of them said calmly “We are a group of innocent victims to the forbidden bone-melting juice, and flushed ourselves down the toilet and ended up in Jacksonville, Florida”. “That sounds about right” Johnny replied. Johnny took a look around and saw the depressing essence people would leave off here. There wasn’t any sign of hope just dismal vibes and bleak faces. Joey thought he had seen enough and went for a “stroll” around town. He then started thinking about his family wondering if they missed him when he found a museum and came up with the brilliant idea to steal a skeleton. As soon as it became dark, he snuck into the museum to find himself a new skeleton. The first thing he found was a dinosaur skeleton and put it on. Surprisingly, it was super easy and he left the museum without getting caught. The next day Johnny woke up extremely hungry, “I hadn’t eaten since I ran away from home” he said to himself as if anyone was paying attention. He looked around for food to scavenge on, but just by luck, he found the freak-show. Johnny ran inside looking for the ringmaster hoping for work so that he could feed himself, but before he even said anything the ringmaster told him, “You’re

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