The Benefits Of Electoral College

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The United States has been said to be one of few countries where anyone has the chance to succeed and follow their dreams. Unfortunately if that dream involves the world of politics and becoming one of our countries leaders, it could be easier or harder for you depending on what demographic you currently fall into. Let’s look deeper into the way our President is elected. The current system consists of 538 electors where a majority of 270 votes is required to elect the president. In each state, the vote for president is not decided through the voice of “We the People” but instead through these electors of whom are chosen by politicians themselves. In most states the system of winner takes all awards all electors to the winning presidential…show more content…
In this system the president would be elected through the vote of the people across the nation where each person would get one vote (National). Utilizing this system could strengthen the citizens trust in their political system and ensure that they believe that they have a voice in their leadership. A pure popular vote could alleviate the need to involve the House of Representative in the need to handle and election in the event of having a candidate without a 270 majority in the electoral college. The chance of our government switching to this type of system is quite small because in order to pass an amendment would require an approval by a majority of states where most states would lose power as the most populous areas in the country would have a heavier weight on the…show more content…
When a candidate is ranked first, he or she get six points, five for being second, and so on. At the end of the election, the winner is the candidate with the highest points accumulated across all rankings (FairVote). This process is better than the preferential popular vote as it can lead to more simple counting methods and eliminates the issues of having a split vote between candidates. Third party and independent candidates using this method have a higher chance of winning votes from the major political party candidates. Because the ballots themselves would be more complex, the counting process would also need to be improved; this would put financial strain on communities with small economies. Another disadvantage is that voters could rank candidates lower than they should based on issues and instead rank them to give them a lower ranking. If enough citizens act in this manner, the candidates in the middle of the ranking system could end with higher accumulated totals and could even win the

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