Andrew Jackson Two Party System

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The United States only have two major political parties as a result of developing a system where a major political party can win the national race on a state-by-state basis, through the electoral college and generating the most votes, thus creating a competitive environment that supports two stable “teams”. Use of political machines, inc generate intense loyalty and devotion to these “teams”, as a result have maintained a winner-takes-all political tradition, ultimately polarizing the two parties involved. For about as long as the United States has been independant, there has been a competitive two-party system. It began when the country was in its infancy as a debate between a more centralized power, outlined in the new Constitution, and…show more content…
As the United States expanded, so did the electoral college, and certain requirements, such as land ownership, were no longer implemented, making the ability to vote more accessible to the public. The Democratic-Republicans became the Democratic Party, and with the magnetic personality of Andrew Jackson supporting them new voters were drawn to their political stance. In opposition, the Federalists-turned-Whig party, headed by Henry Clay, vehemently opposed Jackson and sought to gain their own support. The presidential election of 1832 between Jackson and Clay was the first where the contender was chosen at a party conference to run, instead of small local assemblies. Jackson won through popularity of his party on a national level, something that had not been done…show more content…
Minor parties alone have a difficult time surviving; compared to the overwhelming monetary, connections, and sheer numbers of a major party, their votes are crippled by the single-member-district plurality system. Most are unable to find the funds to support a serious campaign, and it is extremely difficult with such established and powerful parties already in play to muster up enough support to win majority in the electoral or in popularity. Thus, minor parties in the United States are hard-pressed to have much chance, if any at all, in winning a presidential campaign. Major parties, however, will adopt issues of newer and/or popular minor parties and attempt to absorb them into their

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