Time Police Monologue

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I’m unknown. No one knows my name. It is twenty years into the future, and I’m lost in time. I keep glitching in history here a second. Gone. Poof! The next. I don’t know what to do. I’m wanted for “ Time Abuse” in two counties. My family is moving with time, while I’m a glitch. I can’t control “The Time Police” or anything anymore. Don’t get me started on the Time Police. They abuse the laws and the don’t get punished. They are special. I can’t do it anymore. I have to get back, but the only way is to go to the “Time Border.” At the Time border, they are actually fair. They won’t let anyone in because they are mean, strict men. So seeing my family is kind of impossible and if I do go there I get punished. Getting stuck in the past, getting…show more content…
I’m sorry i can’t do this they will hate me what do i tell my mom sorry i missed 20 mother daughter dates maybe later. Or my dad sorry i missed 20 father’s days but , or my sister and brother sorry i missed you guys birthday for 20 years next year . ALso my boyfriend i missed 20 birthdays 20 anniversaries I miss everything this isn’t normal*I burst into tears* having to kill someone to destroy someone to see your family they are the only people i have what do i do when i don’t get home at all this is not happening what if i don't ever see them…show more content…
“it will be alright if you don't see them today or tomorrow because it will come a time at the end of time to spend with them and if you don’t do this every time travler will look down when you name is said”said master “WHAT WOW really master umm get off my back i’m sorry this is stupid why will they look down i’m sorry they can’t survive on their own to fight them and they die instead of me ”i said “Okay i’m just looking out for you you’re the most brave one here so ”said master “fine i guess but let um rude fine”i said “If you're not too grumpy I have a surprise”Said master “I’m not grumpy i wasn’t particularly happy but okay what”i said “I may have got you ticket to spend one day with your family but you take a small chance of getting caught ”said master “*SCREAM* YAY OMG YAY DUDE I LOVE YOU*hugging and squeezing* “I you are like a python i’m losing feeling in my whole body anyway i’m going to lose hearing in both ears now”said master “Wait i will only see them today *crying * but fine i can’t wait to see them”I said Okay i’m ready to fight the cyclones master i can do this i’m ready “I’m impressed in how well you have grown out of that dinalal little girl i’m ready to see what you have become”master

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