Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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Does our vote truly count? Did you vote for the current president of the United States? Truth is, no one did, regular citizens have never actually voted for the president (Ford).When it comes to the election of the President of the United States we the people did not actually choose the winner the president is chosen by the Electoral College this is an unfair system in this system people are able to be elected president when they do not win the popular vote and it also isolates small states, this system should be abolished and replaced by selecting a president by popular vote alone. The key flaw of this out-of-date system, is allowing a candidate to win the election without securing the popular vote. It allows for the President to be elected…show more content…
Electoral College is founded upon the population of a specific state. Part of the purpose of the Electoral College is to protect the smaller states. Three main states are Texas California and Florida. When the presidential election campaign goes on they get most focus on them because they have the most electoral votes. With this how does this protect the smaller states? One of the reasons why we have the Electoral College is to preclude states from choosing to vote only for people that are originating that state also referred to as a “favorite son” (Kimberling). It seems that this process helps to further alienate the smaller states, if anything. By making the larger states the focus of the campaign and the election. 270 electoral votes are required to win election. Electoral College is intended to help protect the small states of the presidential elections the reality of the system is that the running candidates focus on several Main States because they know that the more high elector States they win the better the chances are of winning regardless of whether they collect popular vote. This makes it to where the bigger states get the most attention there are 538 electors and it only takes 270 to win the election (US). When a president can win the election by only securing twelve main states how can we say this system is protecting the small

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