5 Leadership Behavior Analysis

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After carefully reading all of the five Leadership Behaviours and the seven types of leaders I have come to the conclustion that I am “The Administrator”.“The Administrator” is described as a cautiously optimistic, influential and assertive leader. I think I fit in with this type of leader because I am cautiously optimistic, influential and assertive. While we were at Stevenson’s Children Camp we had to split into groups and come up with games for Grade 9 Activity Day. I figured we should all work towards a full list of games to play. To do this we went around in our group and shared games we thought they might enjoy and games that we enjoy. My personal goal was to have at least 5 games, one from each of us. As an “Administrator” I showed my assertiveness by getting over 10 game suggestions from my group.…show more content…
I got kids who didn’t want to play to play and helped out the Grade 9’s when they were confused. Also, at Grade 9 Activity Day we played the blind folded noodle game. I knew that we could have a lot of fun and that we could win. But, I also knew that it might be challenging to hear when you are the one in the field blind folded because everybody is yelling at the same time and people can be quite. So I advised my team to use names and to shout loudly when they were shouting directions. This way their teammate knew what to do and where to move. I think this moment shows that I am an cautiously optimistic and assertive,

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