Cyclohexanone Lab Report

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Table 8 below indicates the information on the FTIR, providing information that corresponds to the compound cyclohexene. At 1531.22 cm^(-1) C=O stretch and at 2950-2861.83 cm^(-1) C-H alkane stretch from the FTIR that prove the unknown is cyclohexanone. Unknown 105 A concludes to be 3-Nitrobenzaldehydes because the experimental melting point of the solid taken was 57.1- 57.2 ℃ and the experimental semicarbazone melting point was 227-233.9 ℃. 3-Nitrobenzaldehydes semicarbazone melting point is 246 ℃ and the melting point is 58 ℃, which is fairly close to the ranges from the semicarbazone and melting point. Unknown 105 B concludes to be cyclohexanone because the experimental semicarbazone melting point was 158.5- 159.9 ℃. Cyclohexanone has

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