Women In The 1920s

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The women's’ of the 1920s really inspired the world. It changed the way society looked at any women. They got to be treated the way they deserved to be treated. That was the foundation for all the women for the new era. Women now can run for president, have an education, and basically do whatever men can do. They had a positive impact on the world, socially, politically, and economically. Sometime after the 1920s, the feminine side of women got to shine, fashion was a huge thing. They got more involved in their looks. “By the end of the century, women not only enjoyed a wide range of civic rights, but had also made serious advances in electoral politics at local and state levels. Even the possibility of a woman president was being widely discussed, something that would have been unthinkable in 1900” (Sara Evans). Before women got their right to vote, families had 5 to 6 kids, but once women started working, they only had 2 to 3. Women were no longer under the power of men. They got to be apart of society, because before they basically never left the house. It was all about…show more content…
Regulations like, domestic violence or the Equal Rights Amendment. Some states even changed rules about divorce to protect women’s rights. Women have been more involved in politics, and some are running for president and congress. They are known to have “leader blood” in them to be able to defend their reasoning and just speaking their opinions. “Since the late nineteenth century, poets and journalists had championed this cause, arguing that it would benefit the fatherland to have educated women raise future generations of Iranians and, by the same token, pleading for the abolition of polygamy” (Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, 2004). Countries all around the world have adapted to the women’s rights movement, and people have express their beliefs, speaking out for what they believed is the key to a better

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