Industrial Revolution In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a story of a man, Victor, who created a creature, Frankenstein. Frankenstein was created because of Victor’s ego and overindulgence in science. This was in reference to the Industrial Revolution, a period of new technology replacing man’s work, going on at the time the story was written. Frankenstein was forced to live alone because of his gruesome looks, and became an outcast from the world. When Victor ventures into the woods, he is confronted by the beast who asks for a mate, promising he would disappear and not terrorize the people anymore. Victor refuses this horrid thought. However, after the creature finishes his plea, Victor makes a deal with the creature that if he was given a mate, he would disappear…show more content…
To end his ties with the creature, he vows to marry Elizabeth in hopes for a better, happy life, only after he makes a voyage elsewhere and creates a mate for the beast. Upon completion of the task, he will return home and take her hand in marriage. Victor ventures out, despite his better judgment, and begins the work on the creature’s mate. Before the creation can be finalized, he decides to destroy his work. Not by surprise, Frankenstein sees Victor do this, breaking their deal; he becomes enraged and vows to take revenge on Victor and his family. The monster has feelings, but he feels obligated to murder for revenge. The monster cannot escape the cards he has been dealt, due to Victor’s selfish acts; he has been forced to live a very long life of pure solitude, having no freedom. For this, he will continue to resent Victor. When Victor returns to marry Elizabeth, he is terrified. His thoughts are consumed by the monster, and he fears the creature will come after Elizabeth on their wedding night, as he did other people that Victor cared for. On their wedding night, he insists Elizabeth go to sleep while Victor searches for the beast. Soon thereafter, Elizabeth is strangled by the creature, sending Victor on a rampage to search and kill this horrendous monster. Victor falls ill after many long voyages to hunt the creature
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