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The City of Elephant and Culture of Thailand In the northern region of Thailand, there are many interesting provinces that you can choose to visit, depending on what kind of things that you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a place that is rich in culture and a home to the elephants, Lampang is the province in the north that will surely fits your description the most. Lampang is also known as Nakhon Lampang in which the city is situated at the Northern River Valley of Thailand. One of the uniqueness that this province is famous for is its horse-drawn carriages. You could rarely see this in other provinces of Thailand. As for its history, the people of Lampang have settled here for more than a thousand years on the Wang River…show more content…
While there are many attractions you could go to, there is one attraction which is a must if you are visiting Lampang. The horse-drawn carriage is the only activity that you could find in Lampang that does not available elsewhere in Thailand. You can take a tour of the city through this amazing ride and see the beautiful city of Lampang in one trip. If you are here at Lampang and did not ride this carriage, you are not fully arrived at Lampang yet. Other than the city tour, you could also use this ride to travel to other attractions such as Burmese art temples. The most notable temple that you could go to is Wat Pong Sanuk in which it has received an award from UNESCO for Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Asia Pacific region. The temple can be traced back to more than one thousand years. You can still see tools and many valuable items of history on display here. Another place that you could visit is Ban Sao Nak which is the 100 years old teakwood house filled with many antiques. Those antiques truly reflect the way of life and tradition of Lampang people and everything is almost like it has been frozen in time. Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum is another interesting place to visit. This place produce ceramic goods with chicken arts on the ceramics and it has a history of more than a century producing ceramics. You can learn how they produce the goods and buy it at the shop here. The main highlight of Lampang is the Thai

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