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Jellyfish Have you ever gone to an aquarium? Well, if you have, you may have seen some jellyfish, maybe even some of the ones that are brought up today. Jellyfish are interesting creatures. Some of them include the moon jellyfish, the marine stinger, the crystal jellyfish, and the velella velella. The jellyfish are interesting creatures. Aurelia aurita, more commonly known as the moon jelly, is one of the two hundred plus jellyfish in the world. The Aurelia Aurita is the scientific name for this jellyfish, most people call it the moon jelly. National Aquarium claims that the moon jelly is the common name and the scientific name for it is Aurelia aurita ( The moon jelly has a common name for people to remember it easier,…show more content…
The sea wasp is an extremely venomous jelly that is a type box jellyfish. Sea wasps are also called marine stingers. Deadliest Creature made sure to point out that, “In both cases the grand prize winner and world-record holder is the creature known as the sea wasp, or marine stinger. The venom from a single creature can kill up to 60 adults! Over 100 people have been killed by the stings from a Chironex fleckeri and many more have been stung, but lived. Get stung badly enough by one and you could be dead within four minutes.” ( The marine stinger is the most venomous creature and can kill a lot of people. Even with the venom, the sea wasp can swim over the average speed of jellyfish. The sea wasp can swim up to five miles per hour. Deadliest Creature claims that, “For jellyfish, they are pretty fast swimmers (up to 5mph), dangling their long tentacles in the surf behind them until something, usually a fish, gets caught in their practically invisible tentacles.” ( The sea wasp is a fast swimmer and that occasionally helps catch its prey. The marine stinger is a type of box jellyfish and the crystal jelly is a type of…show more content…
Velella velellas, like all jellyfish, live in the water. Animal Diversity Web points out in their article, “The Velella is found floating on the surface of the high seas, and is common in the warm seas. {...}This hydroid polyp remains afloat on the surface of the Pacific Ocean for most of its life. It never touches or even comes close to the ocean bottom, and the only stage in its life when it is completely submerged under water is the larval stage.” ( The velella velella likes to stay near the surface of the seas and ocean and doesn’t usually go to the ocean floor. You can tell if it is the velella velella on the ocean surface by searching it up and along with the name, it might have its behavior. Velella velellas, like most if not all jellyfish has a different behavior than other species. According to the same website, “The order Siphonophora, to which the Velella velella was originally placed, consists of highly polymorphic, free-swimming or floating colonies. The Velella, in accordance, was not considered to be a single animal but rather organisms which are linked together.” ( The velella velella was originally placed in the Siphonophora group but is no longer. They classified it as a Siphonophora because of the way it swam and floated. The velella can swim and float the way it does because of its bodily

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