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I believe that life sucks, and that life isn’t fair. I believe it never will be. Some people have everything work out, and others live paycheck to paycheck and can barely pay their bills. Some people don’t even have a place to stay and are at rock bottom. I feel like everyone has had a low point in life - even if it wasn’t as bad as being homeless, they’ve still been at their worst. There’s been a time of pain and struggle for everyone. That’s why I believe you need to stay stoic. That’s why I believe you need to hide the pain and endure the hardship. Personally, I’ve been through some hard times in the past. Whether it be losing friends for unknown reasons, or losing thousands of dollars, I know how it can be difficult. I’ve dealt with both situations, and throughout it all, I’ve tried to follow my own belief. The belief that you need to contain the feelings and not let them flood out. About two years ago, I lost a close friend for no known…show more content…
This is where the belief of staying stoic can be tricky, and it gets slightly more technical. When I say that I believe in staying stoic, I mean in social situations and when you need to accomplish something. Leaving the emotions pent up inside for too long can result in a devastating whirlwind of anger, which is not ideal. I feel that the emotions should be let out in a way that won’t stop you from doing what needs to be done. Of course, you could go to counseling or therapy of some sort, but I personally dislike every aspect of those ideas. I let my emotions out in a different way, usually at the end of the night when I’m done with work and homework. Music is usually my way of venting. Often before I sleep, I’ll listen to songs that outline the same feelings I have. It makes it seem like somebody understands. Sometimes, I’ll even write songs of my own, since it helps me get the feelings out and keeps them from getting in the way of

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