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The advertisement refers to attitude and interest individual by psychogrraphic elements that is lifestyle. The concept of lifestyle been so prominently and fruitfully used as in the field of marketing communication, where it has been shown that lifestyles influence both consumption patterns and the processing of different forms of marketing communication. Therefore, the lifestyle concept has become the core of a special kind of segmentation research called `psychographics'. This psychographic or lifestyle research usually takes as its point of departure extensive and AIO activities, interests and opinions surveys which then lead to often very colourful and useful lifestyle typologies using the technique of cluster analysis. In this article,…show more content…
Christian Dior has presented to us probably the most extravagant, trendsetting, and in vogue excellence items around. It's this mysterious blend of couture meets beautifying agents that not just pulls in superstars, supermodels, and the general public set, additionally has set Dior's notoriety for being a standout amongst the most brazenly in vogue excellence brands on the planet. Futhermore, make stylishly twisted lashes for a long time. Enlivened by expert hair curlers, the bended brush styles each lash from base to best. High accuracy fixings give serious definition and hold without clustering or smirching. Making moment larger than average volume and twist, this transformative equation sustains your lashes with a novel lipid complex that fortifies and smooths for enduring imperativeness. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara epitomizes a large group of key advancements. Its K-Polymer Formula consolidates lifting, covering, and settling polymers for in a split second sensational bends and persisting wear. Its waxes and oils offer a volumizing complex that supports adherence, scope, and smoothing for an emotional lift. Its lipid complex joined with a pseudo ceramid fortifies lashes to forestall breakage, while plant nectar helps the advancement of keratin, fortifying…show more content…
there are some things why the appearance of a person is important in life. it is one of nature within oneself to draw attention to the people more, giving a greater confidence in a person, viewed with respect and feel valued and want to look attractive and the best in a place where there are a lot of offers in the audience crowd. so also Diorshow Iconic Mascara Overcurl who gave encouragement and benefit for consumers, especially career women to show long eyelashes to look more beautiful and charming. all the good that has been shared and offered, slogan and will affect users and expand the ad to

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