Cause Of Teenage Depression

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Depression is becoming the most psychological problem that could happen to anyone. Many who feels depressed are mainly because of misfortunes and events that could make them sad. However, it is normal to feel depressed over these sad moments because no one wants these bad things to happen to them either but these events might cause depression to the victim that lasts for months or even years. For such people, this is a very serious case of depression and can be diagnosed as an illness. Depression has been effecting people all around the world and the people who are effected by depression is increasing each year without fail. Depression is common in adults but adolescence who are also a victim to this illness are increasing rapidly. Teens who seek treatment when they are depressed are often diagnosed as physical symptoms rather than the actual cause of depression. This is because teenagers who suffer from depression are often overlooked because people thought that the teens are going through a change that effects their mood and behaviors. Teens who are depressed might not even seek for treatment because they tend to be socially isolated, they do not want to come in contact with people or ask for their help. They will act…show more content…
In the past, many believed that unexpressed feelings are the main cause of depression, mainly anger. Even till today, many specialists, like psychiatrists, still agrees with this theory. However, as years goes by, many researches has been done and the causes of depression can be classified. Some might inherit depression from their families, some might not. Many teens who are going through their growing stage in life now might face many obstacles that they might not be able to overcome, that is why they become depressed. In order to classify the causes of depression, it is separated into three categories; biological factor, psychological factor and social
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