The Negative Effects Of Teen Depression

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A long time ago, teen depression was recognized as a big problem in our community, it has been known to destroy lives in ways unimaginable. By bringing our communities together, we can put a stop to depression once and for all. When a teen is depressed, their viewpoint of themselves and others is greatly affected. “Depression is based on the childhood disappointment of wishes for parental affection and affirmation, and the child’s failure to fix a parent’s unhappiness.”(Quinn 115). Not that a child’s depression is caused by parental neglection, though it often starts there. Because parents are the most trusted by their young, a parent disregarding the child has a more devastating impact. Beginning to accept children for how they are can…show more content…
In our young community, the depression rate has been increasing every year. “Major depression affects more than 5% of teens and is linked with suicide, substance abuse, and other serious problems. Yet it often goes undiagnosed and untreated.”(Moragne 155). Depression has been known to ruin the lives of our young, by taking a stand and recognizing the negative impact it has in our society, the community can provide better and successful lives for our young. This rate will continue to increase if we don’t interfere, that’s why it is important for us to intervene and put a stop to depression in our teens. Depression affects an excessive amount of our children, and it often begins in the home. By making a stand, our young won’t have to suffer from this horrifying disorder. Along with the alarming rate, a majority of the children go through mental and physical issues. Depression can take an enormous toll on someone’s life, whether physically or mentally. In most cases,…show more content…
However, it isn’t easy and it will take a considerable amount of effort to overcome. In some cases, speaking with a professional can ease the trouble a depressed child is having. “A talk with a professional therapist focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors and emotional responses associated with psychological distress.” (Moragne 91). Speaking with a professional can be very effective in a problem such as depression. This could be crucial to curing depression because the teen will be able to communicate and actually speak their mind like never before. Along with communication, treatments through prescription drugs can help reduce the stress a child is going through. “Easing depression in children can be treated by antidepressants. Bupropion can treat depression and also prevent depression caused by seasonal affective disorder.” (Moragne 122). By taking a controlled measure of antidepressants, the drugs can stabilize the child’s mood and temporarily calm them. Though antidepressants have been known to ease depression, they can be dangerous and need to be taken with maturity and supervision. Physical treatments have also been known to cure depression in teens. “Treating mental illness by sending electric currents through the brain to trigger a seizure, also known as shock therapy, can be effective in relieving teens of depression.” (Moragne 128). In the event of a child using shock therapy, the

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