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The authors, psychiatrist, use data from the Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center inpatient unit making charts of 143 children under 12 years of age. The research uses the number of hospitalizations and family structure as their independent variable. They use family mental health and any possible trauma that the children went through as the secondary independent variables. The results of these variables were used to make statistics reference to the effect on the family structure and mental health. The results of this study show that 89% of children hospitalized for mental health issues come from broken family structures. The results imply that family structure has an impact on the family structure influences the psychiatric well-being of…show more content…
Each child was asked questions to determine the family structure, separating the children into three separate groups, two-parent families, two different homes, and single-parent families. Next, the children answered ten questions about their family relationships and their well-being. The results of the study show that children that live in two separate homes and single parent homes show lower family relationship bonds than those who live with both parents. Also, children that have experienced divorce or parental separation have more inferior welling being that can cause stress and other mental disorders. This study compared to a current survey by Turunen, Fransson and Bergstrom original research Self Esteem in children and how family structure supports them. This study shows that full-time parental support is essential to a child’s well-being. The research by Dinisman and partners will help prove current research that has both parents support and comfort full time is critical to how children perceive themselves and the amount of stress they go through growing…show more content…
Joyce list the amount of unseen abuse and neglect a child endures through parental separation and the course of a divorce proceeding. Suggesting that the courts intervene and place child protective services into the home to make sure that children receive proper treatment, and their best interest and well-being are the top priority. So. That child in high conflict divorce does not suffer physical and mental health concerns. This research compares to Christopher and researchers study on long-term effects on a preventive parenting intervention on young adults’ Painful feelings about divorce, Christopher and researchers look at the mental health problems that children experience during a divorce. Suggesting that the courts intervene and place families in a New Beginnings program to help families to learn to accept and understand separation. The research on high conflict divorce will help prove that the psychological effects that children go through are harsh enough to classify it as child neglect that it will also support the theory that separation can cause extended lasting mental conditions that can last through

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