Argumentative Essay: The American Dream And Teen Suicide

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The American Dream is taken away from teens when they commit suicide. The American Dream is no longer prevalent because it is viewed unachievable. Teens struggle through their everyday lives whether it is with stress, depression, relationships, or an unstable home. Why would you want to try to achieve something that very few, if any achieve? Teens who are already depressed don’t believe their life is worth anything. The dream that many people seek in America is dead. Teens struggling with suicidal thoughts no longer think that they will grow up and have the chance to live out their lives attempting to achieve an unrealistic dream we so call “The American Dream”. Once one teen has ended their life in a school community, the door opens and…show more content…
For every suicide there is approximately 100 to 200 attempts made before a successful suicide. For each accumulative attempt at suicide a teenage male is 30 times more likely to accomplish suicide where as a teenage female is 3 times as likely. About 25 to 33 percent of teen suicide casualties make multifarious endeavors before achieving their horrendous goal. Teens don’t just decide “oh I am going to commit suicide”, they have been put through hell. Beck 3 Pushed to the edge, due to a wide range of dilemmas in their everyday lives such as: mental disorders, physical and verbal abuse, substance abuse, bullying, depression and much more. Severe depression is the most common reason for suicide. Mental disorders are prevalent in mainly female teen suicides versus male. Teens are expected to achieve more than older generations due to the technology increase. But it has only brought more negativity to the world of a teenage student. Some may view that the American Dream is easier to achieve nowadays than 100 years ago. Yet it only makes it more difficult. Each generation is faced with a different problem that is poisoning their lives. Every generation has to find a way to cope with the issue that is placed for them to

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