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The Author of “Private Bleeding: Self-Induced Abortion in the Twenty-First Century United States” is Tiana Bakic Hayden. Tiana Bakic Hayden has a PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology. Sociocultural anthropology studies the rules of being human, such as how we determine who we are related to , how we make a living, how we shape the world, and all of the beliefs that are part of religion, science, and the arts. Sociocultural anthropologists usually work with living peoples and highlight the concept of culture. Tiana has a PhD is sociocultural anthropology, a B.A from University of Toronto and a M.A. from University of Chicago. She taught high school English and history in New York City and Chicago. Tiana works as an editorial intern for the journal…show more content…
The author tells about the changes to technology and accessibility through the last half a century. This article has taught me that there are many reasons for a women to seek an abortion whether it be illegally or legal option. I also learned how women back in the 1960s would use a coat hanger to dispose of their fetus. I also learned there where designated divisions in hospitals known as “infected OB” and “septic wards” for patients who were sick or dying from sepsis, shock, massive blood loss, and infected uterus from self-induced…show more content…
With each argument Hayden had she followed the argument with abundant facts to prove her argument. For example when Hayden states, “Self-induced abortions can take many forms.” She then follows this statement with evidence stating the journalist Cynthia Gorney assembled a list of the numerous techniques and tools used in the 1960s before legalization of abortion. She tells that items used were Lysol douche, artist’s paintbrush, garden hoses, knitting needles, wire coat hanger, and many more. (Hayden) I enjoyed how Tiana Bakic made sure she spoke one both sides, but it was clear she has a bias. Her bias toward self-induced abortion. She appears to me as a women’s right activist. It also appears that she believes women have the right to choose what happened to their own body. I believe the same as Hayden does, when were given the rights but yet the law still tells us what we can to our own bodies. That seems unfair. Hayden wrote in detail about how the change in medical technology has made self-induced abortion safer and bring the mortality rate lower. Now, many women are aware of safer techniques to abort their fetus instead of using harmful tools like a wire coat hanger. There is now a pill used for treating ulcers but a side effect is that is can start labor. This drug is known as misoprostol. Misoprostol is a cheaper than having an abortion at a clinic. At an abortion clinic a women could easily spend three to six

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