Comparing Time In Hamlet And Things Fall Apart

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In both the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare and the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, time appears to be a major impact on the principal character’s behavior, beliefs, and development. Hamlet and Things Fall Apart, are two different stories yet they withhold numerous significantly similar aspects. Such as the middle age man’s life who is combatting his society and the people around him for a unique purpose. He attempts to impose his values and achieve his final objective with disregards to the process or procedure undertaken even if the actions taken throughout the combat seem ethical or not. The use of narrative techniques which are composed and consist of components such as narration, point of view, tense, symbolism, and speech in both Hamlet and…show more content…
In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the author begins by portraying Hamlet as a dynamic character who first starts as a coward, scared, and reserved prince of Denmark. However he becomes a stronger, daring, and less fearful character as the play moves forward. Hamlet’s existence in a state of narrative tension appears noticeable once he begins to feel the tension about resolving and acting on an issue. He also begins to feel the tension which flourishes as he faces obstacles that prevent and block his actions, which stop him from obtaining his desired resolution regarding avenging his murdered father. As the play develops and Hamlet becomes aware of his father’s murder, he begins his obsession as he remains caught up and stuck in the past still trying to prove that “there’s hope a great man’s memory may outlive his life” (3. 2. 139-140). His journeys in the past become apparent to the point that the king wonders why “the clouds still hang

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