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Physical Therapist A Physical Therapist works day to day with patients of sports injuries and other miscellanies injures. A physical therapist will provide exercises that are designed to strengthen and better you after your specific injury. I chose this job because I enjoy helping people and interacting with people. Physical therapists are required to maintain a progression chart to determine the amount of progression that is being made by the patient. Physical therapist were once only available in major hospitals;today there are many independent physical therapists that travel and provide their services which enables athletes to get treatment on the go, rather than traveling to another hospital building. It is important for people in this career to have positive attitudes. Physical therapists play a very important role in society because they provide many hours of work, and much needed medical assistance to rehabilitate the injured. Career Requirements and Qualifications…show more content…
It could take up to 6 to 8 years or could even take longer depending on how much dedication you are willing to put into it. Schooling to become a physical therapist may vary from year to year and depending on where you go to school to get the education has a big role in how much you are going to have to pay for schooling and training. There are many places a physical therapist office could be. There are local offices, hospitals, and also you could be a traveling therapist. To be a physical therapist you have to have special skills, talents, and personalities, You need to compassionate, interpersonal skilled, and you need to be able to be really resourceful. With me wanting to become a physical therapist I am super going outing, I am really good with people and interacting. I always try to have a positive attitude with people and I try to always be

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