Technology Impact On Children

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People worldwide from all ages and genders have something in common and that is technology. Technology has affected not only our life as well as our future, which are the children. Children these days are more dependent on technology for accomplishing small tasks. Einstein stated, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.(n.d.) Technology is defined as the knowledge that is put into real world. It is used to deal with problems, try to solve it or invent useful machines to help people solve problems easily. Around 50,000 years ago in the early Stone Age, people have discovered fire, from simple tools such as using wood and shard of rock to make fire, this invention helped people to survive, but after…show more content…
IPhone, iPod, iPad’s, and laptops all these devices are harming us. Children in the 1990s generation had experienced the joy and fun in their childhood, there were less technology and more children tend to reach their friend by visiting them, people would be seen in gardens, parks having good times with their children however nowadays children would rather stay home stuck to their devices and most would go out not to have fun just to show people in social media that they went to this place by taking a selfie. In this research paper, the argument would be about how technology could harm children but the focus would be on electric devices. Technology tends to control our minds and how we think, it has a huge impact on children’s development, health, and learning…show more content…
At the age 6-15, children starts to develop, their minds would only use technology. Children would rather communicate with their friends through social network instead of meeting them and this development can cause antisocial behavior. Websites and application for socializing were created for people to comminute with people from different cultures but nowadays children uses these applications to talk to their friends all the day instead of talking face-to-face. Children isolate themselves from the world and enter the world of technology. Most children that has anti-social behavior is because of their addiction to these technology, but children don’t know what is good for them, they think that these technology are created just to make life easier through social network website, the bad thing about technology that you can say whatever you want about any person in most websites anonymously. Instead of enjoying the nature, or doing something useful such as meeting a friend, they rather stay inside their room stuck to their devices texting each other. Jayawardhana stated, “Emails, mobile phones, texts and social media are valuable methods of communicating information. But beyond that we need to meet with people face to face so that we can truly connect. Without it,

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