Intangible Asset Problem In Accounting

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Abstract In today economy, businesses a considerable shift in the nature of assets, income and provide a return for investors. More and more companies across a wide range of industries, such as information technology, consumer products and pharmaceutical has a tremendous value on investments in intangible assets. Investigate reports of intangible assets is the purpose of this study, the root of the Organization's success is, how the assessment and reporting of accounting. In this survey, some regulators, investor, analysts and other intangible assets report, there are some problems involving intangible assets reporting system recommendations. So that a company have to accurate measurement of intangible assets-related information. Organization…show more content…
Lioyd Austin’s (2007) positive review claims IAS 38 had set the criteria for measuring and recognizing intangible assets and need to disclose them. Intangible asset is a non-monetary asset of the identifiable intangible assets. This asset is separable, or when a contract or other legal right arises. Separation assets can be counted as few criteria which is transferred, can be sold, licensed, borrow and so on. The goodwill for business combination are accordance in IFRS and scope is IAS 38. The asset that not be recognized are internally generated goodwill within the IAS 38 scope. Intangible assets that qualify for recognition are initially recording into the cost and the cost are less amortization along with the require revaluation. Intangible assets had measured at cost. After initial recognition, entities are often measured to intangible asset. This to measure the fair value of asset are rare cases when the fair value can be determined to the active…show more content…
There is some example of intangible asset such as customer lists, copyrights, patents, broadcast right and literary works. The income statement are aggregates a company liabilities, assets, shareholders equity and so on. The value of asset can be measuring directly by underwrite the earnings from asset. In the article ‘Center for Excellence in Accounting & Security Analysis’ (2009) it describes there is also have an important in turning the income statement. Although it cannot consolidate the summary report use of the assets in the balance sheet, the income statement can be determining the income from branding, entrepreneurship, organizational aspects knowledge and so on. This can show that the brightness in the accounting make the performance measure under the asset business plan. So that, intangible asset is the asset that shouldn’t be

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