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Who was Joan of Arc? Born on 6 January1412, Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) lived to the age of 19 before suffering a horrific death, being burned at the stake on 30 May 1431 in Rouen, Normandy under English Rule, for the false allegations of witchcraft and heresy. There are many beliefs that Joan of Arc was executed for being a witch, as she had heard “divine” voices and was a given the mission of saving France from the English by God and the Archangel Michael, Catherine of Alexandria and Margaret of Antioch. The English were enraged by the fact that a young girl was to lead the French to becoming a self-governing nation, resulting in the English losing power over being continental rulers. Joan of Arc was alive during the “Hundred Year War” between…show more content…
If her effort to defend the town and its people, she was thrown off her horse and left outside the gates as they closed, allowing the Burgunians to take her captive, and brought her among much fanfare to the castle of Bouvreil occupied by the English Commanders at Rouen. Joans cross-dressing charge After Joan was accused of being a Heretic, cross-dressing now became a repeat offense. After a few days of adopting a dress while being adjured, Joan told a tribunal member that “a great English Lord had entered her prison and tried to take her by force”. She then resumed wearing male attire as a defence mechanism against molestation and rape as it gave her the ability to fasten her hosen, boots and tunic together into one piece, making it difficult to take her clothes off. Her dress had also been taken by the guards and she was then left with nothing else to wear. In terms of Doctrine, she had right in “disguising” herself as a pageboy during her journey through the enemies territory as well as being able to wear armour during battle and protective clothing in amp and then in prison. This gave her the ability to deter molestation and rape while she camped in the field. It was said that when soldiers clothing was not needed, she would go back to wearing a

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