What Impact Did Allied Bombing Have On Germany

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Throughout the Second World War, the Allies made an effort to strategically bomb Germany. This impacted the country and its ability to wage war in many respects such as: morale, the German economy, the success of D-Day and the evacuation of German children. In the first few years of the war the bombing gave little impact on Germany. However, as the war went on the impact of strategic bombing became much more significant. Therefore, on the whole, the bombing had a significant impact on Germany. One way Germany was impacted by Allied bombing was morale. Before the war, it was predicted, by the British, that German morale would be practically non-existent by the end of the war. As the war went on, allied strategic bombing on Germany’s impact on morale only got larger. However, in the first years of the war, the German people’s morale was barely affected at all. The technology used in allied bombing was not yet developed to…show more content…
Before the war, the Allies expected that the German industry and therefore economy would be devastated. Germany expected that the Allies would try and make industry a weak point and so, prior to the war, they extracted one and a half million tonnes of oil and produced two million tonnes of synthetic oil. At first, bombers were commanded to attack factories and plats in order to directly impact Germany’s production for the war effort. However, due to the inaccuracy of the bombs and the fact that attacks could only be undertaken at night, meant this was impractical. German weapon production increased hugely from the start of the war to 1943; tank production increased by ten thousand units from 1939 to 1943. Therefore, it was advised that to break the economy, the urban areas should be bombed in order to increases the number of absentees at work and slow down the production for the war effort. This would also impact these people’s morale whilst indirectly affecting the

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